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Salesforce and Domo Integration: A Helpful Guide

When aiming to improve business processes, the integration between Salesforce and Domo is a strategy that smarts businesses adopt to enhance data transparency and make informed decisions.

Salesforce boasts as the leading CRM system globally, allowing businesses to manage their customer relationships and drive sales. On the other hand, Domo, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, provides business intelligence tools and data visualization capabilities.

By integrating these two impactful tools, businesses create a powerful environment for data analysis that leads to informed business strategies.

The process of integrating these platforms isn’t a hassle. Domo’s out-of-the-box connector makes the integration process seamless. Here's a simplified guideline:

  1. Set Up Salesforce Account in Domo: Log in to Domo, go to Data Center > List of Connector > Salesforce.

  2. Authorize Domo to Access the Salesforce Data: In the connector page, provide Salesforce credentials and give the necessary permissions to Domo to read your Salesforce data.

  3. Choose Data To Access: Specify the Salesforce data you’d like Domo to access. You can choose from requirements like sales activities or lead sources.

  4. Schedule Update: Lastly, schedule updates at preferred intervals to ensure the availability of real-time data in Domo.

This integration delivers a single view of multiple data sources, making it easier for businesses to understand, analyze and respond to their data.

Realize the power of data-driven decision-making with Salesforce and Domo integration.